Winter Hair Protection

bombshell locks blog 4These are easy at-home methods to help keep your hair looking fabulous even during the winter months. Winter can take a toll not only on your skin but your hair too! These simple tips can make the world of difference to keep your hair from getting dry and brittle.

1) Moisture- a simple way to keep hair moisturized is to use a deep conditioner/mask once a week and leave on for at least 15 mins.

2)Hair tools- Using hot tools can sometimes be a must but using the correct hot tools is a plus. Make sure your hot tool says ionic or ceramic on it so it doesn’t cause as much damage.

3)Wet hair- not only is it bad to go to sleep with wet hair or leave your hair wet and up in a bun but it also causes BREAKAGE! Don’t be an accomplice to split ends.

4)Leave-in Conditioner- Using a leave-in conditioner is a must all the time but especially during the winter months, do not let your hair be without protection. Especially in Dallas, the sun is always bright and your hair is always out so protect your hair with a proper leave-in that also provides UVĀ  protection. Which also helps with static.

I hope this was helpful and assists in having Bombshell Locks!!