Sag Awards 2013

tina fey sag awards


My favorite style of the night was Tiny Fey, She looked beautiful/flawless! I loved her old hollywood glam look and the color finished off the style, it really accentuated each wave throughout the style.


marion sag awards












My favorite cut of the night goes to Marion Cotillard. It was styled very sleek and classic, the perfect length to show off her neck and  shoulders. Sometimes people hear “Classic” and automatically think out dated or for an older individual- but remove that train of thought!

Classic = Stylish not trendy


















Last but not least, Jennifer Lawrence, her hair is the perfect example of a winter to spring transition color. Its a soft, honey dark blonde with light accent pieces throughout the bottom topped off with a glaze to add shine all throughout.

I hate to be such a Jennifer Lawrence hair fan, but her hair has just been beautiful on every awards show/movie.