Peoples Choice Awards 2013

peoples choice 2013

People’s Choice Awards

So the style is in…Classic, Loose, Wavy styled hair. The Classic Bardot to the Relaxed Wave of Elizabeth Taylor….here are some simple tips on how to recreate these star styles.

1) Using the correct product always makes the job easier….always use a root boost, a leave in conditioner and for this style a styling mousse

2) A 1 1\4 inch curling iron works best because it does not create really tight curls the curls are structured but more free flowing

3) Curl your hair in 2 inch sections starting from the bottom to the top, curl away from your face once you get to the front/top of your hair

4) Allow the curls to cool down and then run your fingers through or comb out the curls but makes sure to mold the style you are looking for with the brush.

5) You can either do a little bit of teasing and pin or let loose and spray either a bit of shine spray or hair spray, just depending on how your hair holds curl.

Thanks and enjoy !!