Keratin Complex- 3 month smoothing system

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Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Keratin Complex is an OSHA Approved smoothing treatment that improves the overall health of your hair , keeps humidity away and cuts your styling time in half.

 As seen in the pictures above it removes frizz, smooth’s out your hair cuticle, leaves hair feeling silky and healthy. It also helps extend the life of your color. My client’s that choose this system were spending an hour + a day on blow drying their hair,  straightening their hair and still trying to avoid the humidity so their hard work wouldn’t get ruined. Now they are giving 30 minutes of their life back to do whatever they like….even sleep in a little longer.

Keratin complex lasts upto 3 months with the use of  the keratin complex shampoo. It is safe on natural hair, chemical treated hair and blonde’s. It also helps lock color in to help extend your color.

The process takes 2-3 hours but its well worth it!

Prices vary from $150 to $250- (for long, thick hair)

Stop putting your hair through misery with that flat iron and give yourself a break!