Fall hair colors and styles 2013

Its that time of year again…unpacking your coats and sweaters and changing or enhancing your hair. Many people believe once winter comes its time to darken your hair which isn’t always true. Sometimes enriching or making your hair brighter can give you the satisfaction or change you are needing for your hair. The colors for this season are chocolate browns, honey, cinnamon tones, brighter blondes and strawberry blondes. Yes, strawberry golden blonde….it just sounds delicious.

Another thing ladies tend to forget is with winter your hair gets dryer and your skin does as well. A good way to keep your hair and skin looking luscious and luxurious is by incorporating a deep conditioner and a more moisturizing moisturizer, with SPF/non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). The deep conditioner should be used twice a week and the moisturizer, daily. Also something else I came across that has done wonders for my face is BB Cream lightly tinted moisturizer with SPF. There are many different brands and types…I went off reviews and decided to go the grocery store route and bought the Revlon photo finish BB cream. It has 30 SPF and my moisturizer has 25 SPF…First I put my moisturizer on then my BB cream and then I bought a Neutrogena Minerals powder. I lightly brush it on with a big make up brush and it hides my big pores and any other flaws I have visible to the eye, lol!

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“Cinnamon “

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“Strawberry Blonde”

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“Chocolate Brown”