Fabulous hair even in the summer heat…

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The summer heat can be great providing us with vitamin D but it can also be draining… Not only on your a/c, skin, hydration but also your hair. The products above I have personally used and use on my clients and I know they have good results.

(starting from top left to bottom right)

The first product is Big, Sexy hair Root Volumizer $17.95, this product line has recently revamped their line by providing sulfate free products. This is a great product for root boosting and lasts through humidity and holds style for hours.

The next is moroccan oil leave in treatment $15- 40, they offer different sizes and a little goes a long way for this line. The leave in has UV protection, nourishes your scalp, controls frizz, hydrates & detangles, alcohol-free, repairs damage hair and elasticity…and so much more.

Keratin Complex Infusion therapy is the pink miracle in a bottle $30, for anyone with frizzy, curly or wavy hair. This product assists in blow drying your hair and keeping it smooth and straight until your next wash. Its great and its light weight so your hair doesn’t feel like you have tons of product in your hair. This line is also, sulfate free, so the shampoo’s do not strip color or your scalp from its natural oils.

Moroccan oil Hydrating Styling Cream $33, this is good for all hair types. It helps with hydration, it can be placed in hair for quick out the shower and go styles, helps against frizz and leaves hair soft.

Serge Normant shampoo and conditioner $24 each, this is the line I carry. This is a sulfate free line and is for every day use. It is filled with natural oils to help naturally cleanse your hair and leaves a unique, fresh smell that smells amazing. The conditioner is filled with nutrients and can be left on longer for masque treatment.

Last but not least, a stylish sun hat, not only protects your hair but your face from any sun damage. Target is always a great place…I have found great summer hats for great prices.

Good luck this summer and always remember sun screen when out and about!!