Human hair extensions – The Technology

New technology in the application of human hair strands has eliminated the limitations of decades-old methods for extensions. Both length and volume can  now be easily and gently applied without compromising the integrity of your natural hair.

The fusion bonding method is unique. This modality has put an end to gluing, knotting and welding, making fusion one of the most gentle systems available. This durable bonding modality attaches the extension hair to your own hair for undetectable beauty.

How Long Are You Going to Wait for Long Hair?

Many women dream of long, thick healthy hair flowing down to their shoulders in gentle waves. Until now, only a few women have had this dream come true because hair is rarely capable of coping with the strains it is exposed to during the years it needs to grow. One of the purposes of human hair extensions is to remedy this matter. My hair extensions offer all women the opportunity to make their hair dreams come true!

Human hair grows approximately 1 cm per month. This implies that if you want to have very long hair you have to wait more than 5 years. Visit Pearl at the Bombshell Locks Studio and you can have up to 21 inches of  long hair within a few hours! Browse the extension pages for information and pricing, then contact me for a consultation. Together we can make your hair dreams come true!