Dallas/Plano hair extensions done correctly…


Dallas/Plano hair extensions

Hair extensions are a great accessory to ones personal style. If you are interested in hair extensions for thickness, volume, length, movement, or  just to assist in extending your style out; the options are endless. I use only 100% human hair and have many different price options and extension  options available for you.

Also, the specialized manor that I place the hair extensions in your hair makes the hair look very natural and virtually invisible. Everyone is different and I customize each individuals hair extension color that best matches there own hair color. Even when you have your hair up in a pony tail they are not visible.

One question I am always asked is does it require more work or do you have to treat the hair differently? the answer I provide is, “yes”.

Reason #1- Hair extensions are attached to your hair by keratin bonds, clips  or beads. So when brushing your hair it is necessary to be gentle but thorough.

Reason#2- Your natural hair receives natural oil provided by your scalp to keep it moisturized. Hair extensions do not have that luxury, so keeping the hair moisturized by using a good conditioner/mask on the ends of the extensions and always using a good leave-in conditioner like Moroccan oil, is a must. (buying quality products is a must)

Reason #3- Even though it is not good to go to sleep with wet/damp hair most people do it  anyway. With hair extensions, that is a big “NO, NO”! Never go to sleep with your hair wet/damp….always dry the hair completely or else it will not into a rats nest (ouch!)

Those are just a few of the adjustments you have to do ….it requires a few more minutes of added attention but its well worth it.

Fusion extensions can last anywhere from 3-4 months

Double hair extensions have to be moved up every 6-8 weeks

Cold fusion extensions have to be moved up every 4-6 weeks

Its your choice, do your research before this commitment and enjoy the extensions once you have them in by properly taking care of them.